Unique ref call baffles commentators, Tedesco

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Nine's NRL commentary legends Ray Warren and Phil Gould were baffled by a unsocial telephone made by referee Gerard Sutton during Friday night's semi-final clash betwixt Manly Sea Eagles and the Sydney Roosters.

In the 2nd fractional arsenic the Roosters were trailing 36-6 against the soaring Sea Eagles, Sydney skipper James Tedesco protested to Sutton implicit a punishment against Daniel Tupou.

The towering winger was advancing toward the try-line erstwhile helium was tackled by respective Manly defenders who tried to resistance him into touch. As they did, Tupou attempted to fling the shot backmost into play, but Sutton deemed it an amerciable enactment arsenic helium was connected the turf and tackled.

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However Gould and Warren weren't truthful definite astir the ruling.

"He's been pushed towards the sideline, throws it backmost infield, present they person ruled it [a penalty] for passing disconnected the ground. That's a method one, Rabs. Where's your regularisation book? Give maine a work connected that one," Gould said.

"It's an absorbing one, isn't it?'

Daniel Tupou is tackled into interaction (Nine)

"Gus, I deliberation helium has the incorrect extremity of the pineapple to beryllium honorable with you," Warren replied.

"If they're entitled to proceed the momentum successful pulling him crossed the sideline surely helium has to beryllium capable to usage the lone happening helium has disposable successful retaliation to walk the shot backmost to a teammate successful the tract of play."

To further complicate the call, Tedesco was told by Sutton that helium couldn't situation the punishment determination due to the fact that the referee said the tackle had been completed.

"There was nary telephone though," Tedesco continued arguing.

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Gould was impressed that contempt being down by truthful galore points Tedesco was inactive trying to combat for his team.

"Still fighting. 36-6 down," helium said.

"See Tedesco close up determination with the referee.

"They haven't got a situation determination and helium inactive wants the shot back. That's the rival successful him."

James Tedesco protests to referee Gerard Sutton (Nine)

Warren was inactive perplexed by Sutton's determination though.

"They wouldn't person been entitled to enactment him implicit the sideline if, successful fact, helium was judged to person been tackled. You can't bash that. Once tackled, you can't bash that. Once a tackle has been made you can't assistance a subordinate and assistance him implicit the sideline oregon the try-line," helium said.

"So, he's got 1 mode retired of the messiness that he's successful and that is to walk the ball.

"According to Gerard, no, you can't bash that. Is determination a situation was the question... no, you can't bash that."

Manly went connected to notch a comfy 42-6 triumph against the Roosters and volition present look the Rabbitohs for a spot successful the NRL expansive final.

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