The top US companies for attracting and hiring tech talent

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A caller study from Hired lists the apical 10 small, mean and ample companies that had the astir occurrence hiring tech endowment successful this year's red-hot labour market.


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The apical small, mean and ample US companies winning tech endowment successful 2021 are Octane, Sittercity and Insider, Inc., respectively, according to Hired's 2021 List of Top Employers Winning Tech Talent.

The study lists the apical 10 small, mean and ample companies winning tech endowment successful the US and UK. Companies were evaluated connected value-driven metrics based connected information from thousands of interactions occurring regular betwixt recruiters and candidates connected Hired's marketplace.

Hired said apical companies were palmy successful attracting and retaining endowment due to the fact that of however good they approached 3 halfway pillars:

1. Equity: Hired analyzed information connected however many underrepresented candidates companies interviewed and hired. The top- performing companies are importantly supra mean metrics and prioritize diverseness and equity passim their hiring process. 

  • The apical companies made 23% of interrogation requests to underrepresented candidates connected average, compared to the wide mean (among each companies evaluated) of 14%.
  • The listed companies besides made 35% of occupation offers to underrepresented candidates connected average, compared to the wide mean of 12%.

 2. Efficiency: This pillar focused connected however businesslike companies are successful interviewing and navigating candidates passim the hiring processes. It revealed that the apical companies prosecute faster, person much responses from candidates owed to tailored outreach and person higher interrogation and last connection acceptance rates compared to wide averages. 

  • The mean clip to prosecute among the apical companies is 36 days, compared to the wide mean of 40 days.
  • The listed companies are highly palmy successful their campaigner outreach, seeing an astounding 84% effect complaint connected mean from talent. 
  • Job connection acceptance rates from candidates are besides higher than the wide mean for the apical companies, with 79% of candidates accepting connected average.

3. Transparency: Hired looked astatine this information successful presumption of indicating equitable salaries oregon wage bands during the hiring process. The top-ranking companies demonstrated the slightest saltation successful the wage amounts shared with candidates for a fixed position.

  • Among the apical companies, salaries indicated during interviews lone deviated from expected mean salaries for a fixed relation by 11%, compared to the wide mean of 16%. This means the highest-performing companies are much transparent, sharing the aforesaid oregon akin wage with candidates they interrogation for the aforesaid position.  

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Unusual and bold hiring tactics

Some companies' hiring tactics successful peculiar stood out, said Amy Pisano, main gross serviceman of Hired. For example, Laika was a institution "that implemented immoderate alternatively antithetic and bolder ways to instill transparency successful their hiring process."

Laika is including wage bands successful its nationalist occupation statement truthful anyone tin spot however overmuch antithetic roles and seniority levels marque astatine the company, Pisano said. "This has helped them pull their perfect tech candidates who are already aligned with those wage ranges."

American Express besides stood retired arsenic 1 of the astir innovative and committed companies erstwhile it comes to DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion), according to Pisano. "They enactment with an autarkic third-party to behaviour broad wage equity reviews and we were excited to spot that they achieved 100% wage equity crossed genders globally and crossed races and ethnicities successful the US."

DEI has go an progressively important origin successful a candidate's decision-making, she added. Demonstrating proactive initiatives, actions and results successful respect to DEI person helped American Express pull and prosecute large talent.

Besides American Express, Insider Inc. and Capital One besides ranked precocious successful diverseness and equity passim their hiring process, according to the report.

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 Other cardinal findings:

  • Top companies prioritizing equity made 23% of interrogation requests and 35% of occupation offers to underrepresented candidates connected average, compared to the wide marketplace mean of 14% and 12% respectively. 
  • Walt Disney, Sysco Labs and OVO were among the apical companies to efficiently interrogation and navigate candidates passim the hiring process. 
  • Top companies connected the database reduced their clip to prosecute from an mean of 40 to 36 days and showed above-average campaigner effect rates and last connection acceptance rates of 84% and 79%, respectively.
  • Meta, Wayfair and Laika ranked highest successful terms of indicating equitable salaries oregon wage bands. 

 "After a turbulent twelvemonth of precocious worker turnover and fierce contention for apical talent, we privation to admit companies that person exceptionally navigated this demanding and rapidly evolving hiring market," said Josh Brenner, CEO of Hired, successful a statement. "We anticipation to animate different employers and HR professionals to absorption connected these cardinal areas arsenic good to successfully prosecute and bring successful the champion candidates portion driving accountability successful hiring processes."

Brenner added that the study besides details which employers "are nailing the recruitment process from commencement to decorativeness for tech talent."

The apical 5 US tiny employers (companies with 1-299 employees) winning tech talent:

  1. Octane, New York, New York
  2. Devetry, Denver, Colorado
  3. DataGrail, San Francisco, California
  4. Laika, Inc. New York, New York
  5. View the Space, Inc., New York, New York

The apical 5 US mean employers (companies with 300-399 employees) winning tech talent:

  1. Sittercity, Chicago, Illinois
  2. Barkbox, Inc., New York, New York
  3. Ripple, San Francisco, California
  4. Amplify, Brooklyn, New York
  5. Vistaprint, Boston & Waltham, Massachusetts

The apical 5 US ample employers (companies with 10,000+ employees) winning tech talent:

  1. Insider, Inc., New York, New York
  2. Maximus, New York, New York
  3. Nielsen, New York, New York
  4. Walmart Labs, Sunnyvale, California
  5. The Walt Disney Company, Burbank, California

The apical companies successful the UK:

  • Top tiny business: Thriva
  • Top medium-size business: Smart Pension
  • Top enterprise: Tesco

Hired said it collected and analyzed circumstantial criteria and metrics based connected its proprietary marketplace information betwixt Oct. 1, 2020, and Oct. 31, 2021.

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