The 'big job' awaiting Sheens amid Madge exit

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Brad Fittler has dismissed involvement successful moving with Wests Tigers but said determination is simply a 'big job' awaiting recently appointed coaching manager Tim Sheens if Michael Maguire is shown the door.

After the Tigers' play ended with conscionable 8 wins and having missed retired connected finals footy erstwhile again, unit has mounted connected Maguire's tenure arsenic caput coach. Earlier this period Fittler was linked to the occupation and initially the Blues manager said helium "wouldn't constitute disconnected anything" erstwhile asked if helium would see coaching the Tigers if approached.

But he's changed his tune since.

"Brad Fittler won't beryllium doing it," the Roosters and Penrith fable said connected Wide World of Sports' Freddy & The Eighth.

Fittler said determination were immoderate "great opportunities" astatine the Tigers with Sheens returning to Leichhardt to assistance lick the club's coaching woes successful a manager role.

"In the minimal magnitude of property I've been speechmaking it looks similar Madge [Maguire] won't beryllium determination adjacent year," Fittler said.

"Cameron Ciraldo is 1 [that mightiness go coach] - he's going to person plentifulness of experience.

"But I deliberation there's immoderate large opportunities there.

"I deliberation Tim Sheens is simply a truly bully prime to person astir the club, conscionable with his experience."

Tim Sheens has been appointed to a caller relation astatine the Wests Tigers (Getty)

Sheens, 70, famously coached the 2005 NRL Premiership-winning Wests Tigers broadside during his 10 seasons astatine the helm. He has besides coached the Australian Kangaroos, NSW Blues and NSW City.

After leaving the Tigers pursuing the 2012 season, having coached 250 games, Sheens near Australia to manager English clubs Hull Kingston Rovers and Widnes Vikings, via a stint arsenic nine manager astatine Salford Red Devils.

His instrumentality to the Tigers volition beryllium captious to rebuilding the struggling nine to beryllium a Premiership contender again, Fittler said, and it starts by amended endowment scouting successful the Macarthur portion of south-western Sydney.

"He's got a large passionateness for the crippled Tim Sheens. And the different portion of it, is they request to enactment down that Macarthur corridor," Fittler said.

Big Guns successful the Pressure Cooker: Freddy & The Eighth - Finals Week 2 | NRL connected Nine

"They truly request to put successful that country and what amended idiosyncratic than idiosyncratic similar Tim Sheens to enactment a manager arsenic they [do that].

"This is simply a large job.

"When you're not conscionable worrying astir a footy team, but really besides talking astir moving with the assemblage and erstwhile you request to get that up and running, it's a large job, truthful they request to prime [the adjacent coach] carefully."

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