Sometimes, you need to drop your most important tools

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In some firefighting and tech leadership, you whitethorn occasionally request to driblet your champion tools astatine a captious moment.


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Some of the champion firefighters successful the satellite are the wildland firefighters, radical who hike heavy into the wilderness oregon adjacent parachute retired of airplanes to dilatory raging wildfires. This is evidently a risky pursuit, and it doesn't instrumentality overmuch imaginativeness to contemplate the assorted ways these firefighters could beryllium injured oregon killed successful the people of their job.

However, during respective incidents wherever fires began to beforehand rapidly and forced firefighters to virtually tally for their lives, galore failed to execute the elemental task of dropping their dense backpacks and chainsaws, often wrong show of safety. Between 1990 and 2016, astatine slightest 23 firefighters were recovered with their tools beside them, each wrong presumption of a harmless zone.

These are immoderate of the champion trained, astir experienced firefighters connected the planet, and erstwhile interviewed aft an incident, 1 firefighter recalled looking for a spot to cautiously remainder his chainsaw truthful that it wouldn't beryllium damaged by the blaze nipping astatine his heels.

Similarly, successful reviewing the events that led to the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, NASA's data-driven civilization was captious to the ill-fated determination to launch. A NASA league country had "In God We Trust; each others indispensable bring data" emblazoned connected the wall, reminding each who entered what the modular of impervious was for immoderate decision.

Several engineers had anecdotal grounds that the O-rings that yet triggered the shuttle's nonaccomplishment were unsafe astatine debased temperatures, including ocular grounds of "blow-by:" burning gases making it past the O-ring. However, determination was small empirical data, and the sacred, data-driven process of a go/no-go motorboat determination had nary tolerance for informed speculation.

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What are your "sacred tools?"

The motivation of these stories and dozens of different akin events is that our champion tools tin rapidly displacement from an plus to a important handicap erstwhile dealing with unconventional problems. In fact, 1 wildland firefighter was asked astir the unwillingness to wantonness one's tools. He speculated that the chainsaw and battalion were specified captious elements of being a wildland firefighter that to wantonness them was equivalent to abandoning one's precise individuality arsenic a firefighter.

Thankfully, erstwhile astir of america talk of "firefighting" it's dealing with challenges acold little life-threatening than flames advancing toward us. However, similar the wildland firefighter, we excessively often trust connected trusted tools successful these stressful situations. Whole companies tin go specified devoted followers of their processes that they hazard destroying the organization.

On the 1 hand, there's comfortableness successful a time-tested process, particularly successful challenging situations wherever the result is uncertain and perchance dire. Just arsenic the firefighter clutches his dense saw portion moving from a blaze, we often proceed with the formalities of "the process," whether it's unending presumption meetings, applying the "methodology du jour" to inappropriate problems oregon ignoring extracurricular oregon unconventional proposal that doesn't conform to our expectations.

When times are tough, crook outward alternatively than inward

Perhaps the astir challenging behaviour to follow successful bid to debar these situations is turning outward and seeking unconventional proposal during unconventional challenges. Many leaders "hunker down during hard situations," bringing their astir trusted advisors, astir acquainted processes and "tried and true" systems and approaches to bear.

There's comfortableness successful the familiar, an elixir that's successful precocious request successful challenging times. However, uncomfortable events are usually owed to the aged tools not working. Rather than applying those tools much rigidly, place that you're dealing with the unconventional and question unconventional solutions.

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99% of the firefighter's enactment mightiness payment from the chainsaw, but the elemental enactment of dropping the dense instrumentality 1% of the clip tin prevention their life. Rather than bringing successful those closest to the problem, oregon radical with the deepest acquisition successful solving that peculiar benignant of problem, consciously question unconventional reasoning for unconventional problems. Assemble a "sounding board" of radical from antithetic parts of your enactment oregon autarkic entities that are not heavy experts successful the area.

Ask your squad if there's different mode to look astatine the problem. If you're facing a method challenge, is determination a process workaround? If a peculiar exertion keeps failing, could it beryllium owed to an biology occupation versus a method one? Might reasoning astir an "Agile problem" done a waterfall lens, oregon vice versa, supply immoderate hidden insight? Is determination a spot of captious accusation hiding successful plain sight, similar the pain marks astir the Challenger O-rings?

It sounds blindingly elemental to formed speech a instrumentality that's not adjuvant to the occupation astatine hand. However, similar the firefighter, you mightiness interest that you're nary longer a "tech leader" erstwhile you enactment speech DevOps, your regular standup meeting, oregon immoderate different instrumentality that's made you palmy 99% of the time. Awareness of this improvement is simply a start, and changeless vigilance mightiness get you distant from immoderate occurrence you're warring unscathed, particularly erstwhile things are difficult.

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