LIVE: 'Massive impact' of Panthers losing To'o

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Penrith's NRL finals run became a batch tougher with quality connected Friday nighttime that superstar winger Brian To'o has been ruled retired of Saturday's semi-final clash against Parramatta.

To'o failed to flooded an ankle wounded which has moved Brent Naden to the wing. Despite winning six of their past 8 encounters against the Eels, the nonaccomplishment of the Blues prima could person a immense flow-on effect wrong the team, warned Andrew Johns.

"This is simply a monolithic out," Johns told Nine connected Friday nighttime aft proceeding of the To'o news.

"Big games, semi-finals, mostly there's little errors little penalties truthful you request your wingers rolling guardant to get the sets rolling.

"This is simply a monolithic retired due to the fact that he's their champion go-forward man. This brings them backmost to the battalion a lot."

Panthers physio Pete Green spoke successful further item astir To'o's injury.

"Bizza finished past week's crippled against Souths with immoderate wide ankle symptom and irritation and has been warring each week to get backmost to 100 per cent," Green told the Panthers' website.

"After a fittingness trial yesterday we made a determination to remainder Bizza for the crippled contiguous and springiness him each accidental to execute astatine his champion hopefully successful coming weeks."

Meanwhile the Eels volition invited backmost Ryan Matterson and Nathan Brown is expected to beryllium acceptable to play aft battling a limb cork past week.

For the Eels past is against them for tonight's clash against Penrith, with Parramatta failing to triumph back-to-back finals games since their infamous tally successful 2009.

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