How to easily manage scheduling with Microsoft Bookings

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With Bookings, Office focuses connected frontline workers by simplifying the process of scheduling appointments and meetings.


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Managing appointments and meetings tin beryllium hard, particularly for tiny businesses, wherever frontline unit don't person entree to the implicit Office suite. You could walk clip gathering a customized booking service, oregon you could simply usage Microsoft's Bookings tool that builds connected its Microsoft 365 platform. Designed for some interior and outer users, Bookings is simply a flexible readying instrumentality that hooks into some Teams and Exchange Online.

Available arsenic portion of astir endeavor Office 365 and Microsoft 365 subscriptions, utilizing Bookings is simply a substance of provisioning users from the Microsoft 365 admin console, giving them entree to the Bookings web app from the launcher. There's besides a mobile app that offers at-a-glance entree to Bookings calendars, which tin besides beryllium utilized to adhd caller appointments manually.

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Bookings for everyone

Bookings tin champion beryllium thought of arsenic portion of Microsoft's unbundling of cardinal Microsoft 365 services from some Exchange and SharePoint, turning them into abstracted web and mobile applications, arsenic good arsenic embedding them successful Teams. It's an important strategical shift: The afloat level whitethorn springiness america much features, but we don't each request them. A frontline idiosyncratic doesn't request the full acceptable of Outlook and Exchange scheduling calendar tools, conscionable a mode of rapidly booking a customer's appointment.

With organizations capable to deploy a premix of Microsoft 365 licence types, it's bully to spot that Bookings is portion of the F bid of plans, aimed astatine supporting frontline workers with the enactment of offering shared accounts for each the employees astatine a azygous location. A alteration successful shifts shouldn't alteration the calendar utilized to publication services and meetings.

External users get entree to a bookings leafage that ties to either an wide concern calendar oregon 1 for individuals oregon circumstantial teams, utilizing either a desktop oregon mobile browser. The bookings leafage is flexible capable to beryllium delivered by galore channels: a nexus sent via email oregon SMS oregon successful a business' Facebook page. It tin adjacent beryllium embedded successful immoderate HTML site, similar your location page.

This flexibility makes it elemental for users to enactment with. In parts of the UK a Bookings-based work was utilized to negociate appointments for COVID vaccinations, utilizing Microsoft Graph connections and Power Automate flows to nexus its calendar into NHS systems. As radical became eligible for vaccination doses, they were texted a nexus to a booking page, which displayed disposable appointments.

Getting started with Bookings

Getting started with Bookings arsenic a idiosyncratic is speedy and casual enough. In the Office portal astatine prime All Apps to spot the Bookings app and click connected the Get It Now button. If your admin has enabled it you're asked for the sanction of a booking calendar. If 1 already exists you tin usage the hunt enactment to link to it. If you request to make 1 capable successful your business' sanction and type. This sets up your Bookings account, allowing you to nexus your existing Outlook calendar and spot the free/busy availability of different staff.

Integration with calendars means that different events tin artifact appointments. This avoids treble bookings, ensuring that unit aren't overloaded and that indispensable meetings aren't canceled. You tin besides acceptable concern hours to bounds bookings, arsenic good arsenic giving unit their ain customized hours to relationship for squad members with household and different commitments.

Staff members don't request to person a Microsoft 365 account. All that's needed is simply a valid email code truthful they tin get messages detailing bookings and docket changes. In practice, though, there's a batch of worth successful utilizing Bookings with Microsoft 365. The main vantage is, of course, automatic calendar updates, arsenic good arsenic entree to the Teams app. You tin acceptable circumstantial unit members arsenic administrators, giving them rights to adhd and region users arsenic good arsenic editing scheduled bookings.

Other roles person little control. For example, viewers tin spot their (and colleagues') schedules, but can't marque immoderate changes. Most unit volition beryllium viewers, though immoderate whitethorn beryllium guests if they're attending lone definite scheduled events and don't request immoderate signifier of calendar access. It's besides imaginable to marque immoderate users superusers, with the quality to negociate the calendar, but who can't beryllium scheduled done Bookings. This does necessitate utilizing immoderate PowerShell; astir of the different absorption tooling is via Bookings' web idiosyncratic interface.

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Once you've created a calendar for your enactment and added unit to it, you tin commencement to specify your business' services. These are utilized to categorize bookings and to powerfulness immoderate externally facing self-service bookings. Services get a name, a description, whether they're online oregon not, a default duration, immoderate buffer clip betwixt appointments and the terms (if it's a service). Other features let customers to reschedule and cancel their ain bookings arsenic good arsenic adhd follow-up appointments. At the aforesaid clip you tin acceptable booking policies — for example, controlling however acold successful beforehand customers tin make bookings and defining your concern hours and cancellation policies.


Working with customers successful Bookings

So, for example, if you're mounting up bookings for a hairsbreadth salon, you tin make services for each your antithetic assignment types, from elemental cuts to analyzable stylings. These tin beryllium priced and a duration added, truthful customers cognize what they'll beryllium paying, and you get to foretell net and guarantee that you person capable unit disposable to screen the booked services (or adjacent let customers to publication sessions with circumstantial unit members). You tin get notifications astir earnings, allowing you to prioritize definite services and guarantee that your concern is covering its costs. Reports are available successful four-month blocks arsenic TSV (tab-separated variable) files, acceptable for usage successful Excel oregon successful different accounting tools, similar Sage.

The strategy volition automatically nonstop retired reminders and confirmations to users, with .ics calendar files and a well-designed confirmation message. You tin customize these messages, and US customers tin besides nonstop SMS messages. If you're utilizing the Teams app there's further tracking information connected notifications, truthful you tin beryllium acceptable for erstwhile Microsoft starts charging for SMS services successful March 2022.

Teams integration allows you to rapidly physique virtual meetings astir the operation of the 2 applications. Microsoft calls these meetings "virtual visits," with unit members getting gathering invitations successful their Teams calendar. They don't request to person the Teams Bookings app installed; it's much for administrators who request to negociate calendars and unit without utilizing the web app. By choosing an due concern benignant you tin instrumentality vantage of automatic customizations and prefilled assignment types.

The Teams Bookings app is perfect for unit members who are utilizing telephone and different tools to docket meetings. They tin make appointments, prime unit and adhd notes arsenic needed. This accusation tin assistance hole the unit members connected the resulting Teams call, giving them the details they request to beryllium acceptable for the call.

With moving patterns inactive disrupted by the pandemic and improbable to instrumentality to what was "normal," tools similar Teams and Bookings connection an important mode to simplify managing some virtual and carnal appointments done the aforesaid tool. They're casual to use, taking what often utilized to beryllium manual processes successful Outlook oregon customized apps moving against Exchange and turning them into focused tools that travel arsenic portion of your Office 365 oregon Microsoft 365 subscriptions. What utilized to beryllium a instrumentality for experts is present acceptable for the remainder of us, and that's a bully happening for some frontline unit and for customers.

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