How to display seconds in the Windows 11 system clock despite Microsoft's wishes

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Microsoft decided to artifact a Registry File hack that allows users to show seconds successful the Windows 11 strategy clock. Now to get seconds to display, Windows 11 users person to instal a third-party app.


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Once again, with the upgrade to Windows 11, 1 of our favourite personalization tweaks has been reverted to its Microsoft-enforced default. In this case, it is the tweak to the Windows Registry File that displayed seconds connected the strategy timepiece located connected a emblematic Windows desktop.

While determination are respective configuration settings disposable successful the modular Windows 11 menus, determination is nary authoritative configuration that volition let seconds to show arsenic default successful Windows 11. In Windows 10 we added seconds to the strategy clock with an edit of the Windows Registry File, but Microsoft has decided to artifact that tweak. Instead, we volition person to edifice to a third-party exertion to execute what should beryllium a modular feature.

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How to show seconds successful the Windows 11 strategy timepiece with ElevenClock

As you tin spot successful Figure A, Windows 11 does not show seconds connected the taskbar by default. In fact, dissimilar Windows 10, near clicking the clip connected the taskbar volition not amusement you seconds. A right-click connected the clip volition entree the configuration menu, but determination is nary enactment to show seconds determination either.

Figure A


To alteration the default and show seconds successful the strategy tray of the Windows 11 taskbar, we volition person to instal a third-party app called ElevenClock. Download the app and instal it connected your Windows 11 PC (Figure B).

Figure B


Once installed, ElevenClock volition contiguous its configuration surface (Figure C). As you scroll down the database of configuration choices, you volition travel crossed a checkbox mounting that says Show Seconds On The Clock.

Figure C


I find ElevenClock astir adjuvant erstwhile I tally it located successful the little left-hand country alternatively than the accepted little right-hand country (Figure D). The 2 versions of the timepiece did not enactment up connected my screen, astir apt due to the fact that I tally my surface with larger text. But the app is flexible, and you tin configure ElevenClock to show how, wherever and erstwhile you privation it.

Figure D


Access to the settings for ElevenClock are disposable with a right-click of the icon successful the Windows 11 strategy tray. You tin acceptable up the app to tally connected startup oregon conscionable activate erstwhile you request it.

Why Microsoft? Why?

As you mightiness imagine, galore Windows 11 users are wondering wherefore Microsoft would marque the determination to wholly disable the show of seconds connected the strategy clock, adjacent going truthful acold arsenic to artifact a well-known Registry File hack. To my knowledge, Microsoft has not offered an answer.

The quality to show seconds successful the strategy tray should beryllium a modular configuration mounting — for astir of us, this is simply a no-brainer. We conscionable don't get it. Having to edifice to a third-party app, adjacent a bully 1 similar ElevenClock, should not beryllium necessary. Microsoft, you simply indispensable bash better.

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