How to access a remote computer with iDrive's Remote Desktop

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iDrive offers its ain distant desktop instrumentality to assistance you link to different computers connected your network.


An array of applications and services are disposable to assistance you entree and power a distant computer. One reasonably caller and cost-effective instrumentality is iDrive's Remote Desktop. With this program, you tin securely entree an unlimited fig of distant Windows workstations and servers. iDrive besides offers two-step verification and trusted devices to amended unafraid your access.

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iDrive's Remote Desktop uses Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to entree distant computers and servers down a NAT gateway. By installing the Remote Desktop cause connected the big systems, you tin link to them utilizing the Remote Desktop viewer.

There are definite limitations with iDrive Remote Desktop compared with different distant power programs. You tin link lone to RDP-based Windows computers. You tin link to a big instrumentality from immoderate Windows PC oregon Mac but not from a mobile device. Rather, the bundle is worthy considering for its debased cost. The work is escaped with a idiosyncratic program and costs $9.95 per twelvemonth per impermanent machine with a concern plan. Plus, you tin effort earlier you bargain via a escaped 30-day trial.

To instrumentality the merchandise for a spin, browse to the iDrive Remote Desktop page and click the Sign Up Now button. Choose either the idiosyncratic program oregon concern plan. Enter your name, email code and a password and click the fastener to make your account. Alternatively, you tin make an relationship utilizing Google oregon Apple credentials. Next, click the fastener for Download Remote Desktop Agent (Figure A).

Figure A


Save the desktop cause and past transcript and instal it connected immoderate big server oregon different machine that you privation to entree (Figure B). Continue the process to acceptable up further big computers oregon servers.

Figure B


Next, instal the Remote Desktop spectator connected immoderate impermanent computers. At the iDrive Remote Desktop web console, click the fastener astatine the apical for Remote Desktop Viewer to download and instal the programme (Figure C).

Figure C


An email is past sent to you to corroborate immoderate impermanent machine arsenic a trusted device. Respond to the email by clicking the nexus for Add To Trusted Devices. A Remote Desktop model appears for you to participate your iDrive email code and password (Figure D).

Figure D


The Remote Desktop model displays each the big computers you've established. Click the Connect fastener for the sanction of a strategy you privation to access. An RDP model pops up for you to participate your Windows relationship credentials. Type your password and click OK (Figure E).

Figure E


You should past beryllium connected to the distant strategy via RDP, wherever you tin enactment connected oregon negociate the machine (Figure F).

Figure F


Finally, you tin presumption and power your distant desktop connections. The iDrive Remote Desktop web console shows a database of each big computers successful the Computers section. To adhd much users whom you privation to beryllium capable to tally the program, click the User Management tab, click the Add User fastener and benignant the user's email address. To presumption logs of each distant desktop connections via the program, click the tab for Activity Logs. To alteration two-step verification and presumption security-related information, click the Security tab. And to configure and customize your distant connections, click the Settings tab (Figure G).

Figure G


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