Fenech shreds dad's 'disgusting' behaviour

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Boxing icon Jeff Fenech slammed the behaviour of Teofimo Lopez Sr during his son's shock nonaccomplishment to George Kambosos, labelling the star's country arsenic "the astir disgraceful, disgusting I've ever seen successful the past of boxing."

It was Australia's biggest underdog story but Kambosos' monumental triumph besides shined a airy connected Lopez's deficiency of guidance.

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Both fighters had their dads, who clashed during the leadup, successful their country but the 24-year-old Brooklyn native's father's actions created a sideshow, which was the past happening his lad needed aft a daze loss.

Lopez had reportedly experienced idiosyncratic issues wrong his household successful the pb up, and spent $250,000 connected his grooming camp, telling reporters helium lone had $20,000 to his sanction going into the fight.

Lopez's begetter fumes aft nonaccomplishment to Kambosos Jr

A purse of implicit $4.2 cardinal volition hole that, but the fighter, who besides welcomed his archetypal kid weeks earlier the bout, struggled to marque value and boasted of not needing a crippled program to dismantle the Australian, portion looking up to imaginable fights successful 2022.

Compounding the humiliation was Lopez Sr's proposal betwixt rounds. Teofimo was intelligibly being beaten passim the bout, yet erstwhile helium was slumped connected his stool, helium was told things like, "you're doing great" and "we're going to observe tonight".

"He's got nary thought astir boxing. He didn't adjacent springiness the kid h2o successful the corner," Fenech told Wide World of Sports erstwhile asked astir Lopez Sr.

"No h2o connected his head, nothing. Once the doorbell goes, you've got to ore connected your boy. He was walking down the stairs, raising his hands to the assemblage for 15 seconds each round.

Lopez's classless infinitesimal aft nonaccomplishment to Kambosos

"He wasn't adjacent watching the fight. It's your occupation to ticker the circular and archer your combatant what helium needs to do. Not 1 circular did I spot him enactment h2o connected his caput to chill him.

"He's successful dreamland. This feline is surviving his imagination done his son. He thinks it's him retired there. And that would beryllium past happening helium could do. The aged antheral wouldn't beryllium capable to crush a grape."

The deficiency of due counsel oregon guidance was besides connected show erstwhile the erstwhile champion grabbed the microphone successful the mediate of the ringing and declared helium bushed the Aussie 10 rounds to 2, aft Kambosos was announced the winner.

"He's a hellhole of a fighter, but I won tonight, everybody knows that," Lopez said to a flurry of boos.

Instead of correcting his lad oregon showing immoderate benignant of sportsmanship, Lopez's begetter doubled down connected the bizarre claims, telling Seconds Out "everyone knows Teofimo won".

Kambosos knocks down Lopez

"Everybody knows (Teofimo) won that fight," helium said.

"It was an casual combat for him. He won each round. To me, helium won each round.

"You tin springiness Kambosos 2 rounds, 3 rounds, adjacent 4 rounds, but what happened to america was conscionable horrible.

"Everybody knows that. I had it 10-2, 9-3. Everybody was conscionable upset, they booed the determination successful the Madison Square Garden truthful we conscionable got to support connected surviving and bash large fights and selling retired arenas similar we did tonight.

"We sold retired the Madison Square Garden connected the vaccination time, erstwhile you gotta beryllium vaccinated to get inside. So astatine the extremity of the nighttime the full arena was upset astatine what happened and I don't blasted my lad for nothing."

Lopez had a accidental to triumph the combat successful the aboriginal frames but helium remained mostly inactive successful the title rounds aft dropping Kambosos successful the tenth. Fenech believes that's a classical lawsuit of the country not doing their occupation by reminding the combatant astir what's required.

Aussie Kambosos unseats satellite champion Lopez

"Nobody from the country was telling him. Plus helium was gassed. He tried to instrumentality him retired aboriginal and it didn't work. He fto George bash was fto him retrieve successful the precocious rounds.

"He (Lopez Sr) wants to unreal that he's large and pugnacious due to the fact that helium has a lad that's a large endowment and a bully person.

"For his lad to accidental that helium won 10 rounds, they request to cause trial him. He mightiness person been giving hashish betwixt the rounds alternatively of water.

"All helium has to bash is spell and look successful the mirror. If that's however you look erstwhile you triumph 10 rounds, helium would person been a show if helium mislaid 10 rounds to 2."

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