Fenech blasts ref, corner as NRL player belted

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Boxing fable Jeff Fenech praised the courageousness and bravery of Roosters hooker Freddy Lussick, but was baffled arsenic to however his country didn't propulsion successful the towel astatine immoderate constituent during his nonaccomplishment to Penrith's Taylan May.

May sprung retired of the blocks and aft Lussick ate a bid of aboriginal shots, fewer would person thought the combat would past the distance.

"Oh my god," said the boxing fable during a brutal archetypal round.

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"How pugnacious is Lussick?"

The 2nd circular was much of the same.

Taylan May lands a punch connected Freddy Lussick. (Getty)

"This guy's got each the courageousness successful the satellite and everything else, but he's got a mates of guys successful his country who should beryllium looking aft him," Fenech said.

"He's a rugby league player, get him retired of present portion he's inactive goddamn alive."

The referee deducted a constituent from May for repeatedly ducking his caput during the 3rd round, but helium remained comfortably ahead.

"I don't attraction if Lussick wins, helium didn't request to instrumentality these 300 punches that he's taken already - I'm conscionable dormant against it, particularly erstwhile you don't cognize however to instrumentality a punch, you don't cognize however to thrust with a punch," Fenech said.

After the last 2 minutes, May had comfortably won the four-round bout crossed each 3 scorecards.

Fenech blew up afterwards.

"I hatred that... 1 feline was wholly outclassed," helium said.

"He won't bull that successful 30 shot games, successful 50 shot games he's not going to get deed successful the caput that galore times, and we're trying to accidental we're looking aft people? That's crap. Crap by his corner, crap by the referee."

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