Fedora Kinoite: A fascinating take on the operating system

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Fedora Kinoite is simply a large commencement for a desktop that could beryllium perfect for concern usage cases, if it tin lone flooded 1 glaring caveat.


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Linux distributions person go much and much ubiquitous with each passing year. As the popularity of the unfastened root desktop grows, truthful excessively does the fig of distributions available. But then, 1 could reason that this has been the lawsuit for a precise agelong time. I remember, backmost successful the aboriginal 2000s, it seemed a caller organisation popped up each day, each of which seemed to either effort to find its ain peculiar niche oregon was conscionable riding connected the coattails of different distribution's popularity.

But each erstwhile successful a portion thing unsocial would outpouring distant to amusement conscionable however flexible and almighty a Linux organisation tin be. It's successful this class that I spot the caller Fedora Kinoite distribution.

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What is Fedora Kinoite?

On the surface, Fedora Kinoite is simply a respin of Fedora with the KDE desktop. But erstwhile you ace done the surface, you find that it's truthful overmuch much than that.

At the bosom of Fedora Kinoite is Fedora Silverblue. What is Silverblue? First and foremost, it's an immutable operating system, which means the basal filesystem is mounted read-only by default. Because of this, the likelihood of accidental harm and/or malicious attacks is dramatically decreased. So not lone bash you already person the inherent information of Linux but you spouse that with a read-only basal filesystem and you person a marked summation successful the information offered by the operating system.

Another quality betwixt Silverblue and different distributions is that updates are atomic. What does that mean? Atomicity is simply a basal rule of cognition that guarantees 1 of 2 things volition happen:

  • The cognition volition implicit successfully, and the resulting authorities of immoderate enactment was taken volition beryllium predictable.
  • Upon nonaccomplishment of the action, the cognition volition beryllium wholly abandoned/reversed, and the resulting authorities volition beryllium precisely what it was earlier attempting the operation.

In different words, immoderate atomic upgrade volition either beryllium wholly palmy (and the operating strategy volition execute arsenic expected) oregon it volition neglect (and the operating strategy volition proceed performing arsenic it did anterior to the attempted upgrade). This means that nary upgrade to the strategy volition origin the operating strategy to fail.

That's important for a accumulation desktop.

Let's see the lawsuit of Fedora Kinoite I spun up for the purposes of this article. After installing the OS successful VirtualBox, I attempted to instal the VBoxLinux Guest Additions (so could amended interact with the operating system). Upon moving the script, it errored retired with the informing that the filesystem was mounted read-only. In different words, the installation of this toolkit wasn't going to happen.

However, installing thing from the KDE Discovery instrumentality went disconnected precisely arsenic expected. 

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Why would you usage Fedora Kinoite?

There are 2 bully reasons wherefore 1 would opt to usage Fedora Kinoite. The archetypal is that you privation a desktop interface that is arsenic beauteous arsenic it is familiar. KDE Plasma volition marque immoderate idiosyncratic consciousness close astatine location immediately. There's adjacent to nary learning curve with this UI, arsenic it's precise akin to Windows 7 (Figure A).

Figure A


The KDE Plasma desktop interface is arsenic user-friendly arsenic you'll find.

But much than the user-friendly quality of Fedora Kinoite, the immutability of the operating strategy makes it an outstanding prime for immoderate concern usage lawsuit wherever a reliable, unafraid desktop operating strategy is an implicit priority. If you request a desktop OS that is practically guaranteed to work, adjacent erstwhile an upgrade fails, Fedora Kinoite is arsenic bully an enactment arsenic you'll find.

The glaring caveat

There is 1 glaring contented you volition look erstwhile utilizing Fedora Kinoite and that's a deficiency of business-class applications. This should travel arsenic a surprise, arsenic astir Linux distributions (thanks to Snap and Flatpak) are susceptible of installing tools similar Slack and Skype without issue. This is, however, a large occupation with Kinoite. Even though the organisation supports Flatpak installation, nary substance however I try, I cannot get the likes of Slack oregon Skype installed. In fact, it doesn't substance what app I effort to instal from Flathub.org … the task fails (even aft adding the close Flathub repo with the flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub https://flathub.org/repo/flathub.flatpakrepo command).

This is an unexpected behavior, fixed that these aforesaid apps volition instal (via Flatpak) connected Fedora Desktop without issue. My lone conjecture is that it's either a KDE Discover occupation oregon a relation of the immutable desktop. If it's the latter, that's going to beryllium a large contented going forward, particularly if Kinoite is to beryllium adopted by businesses arsenic a desktop operating system.

Another contented is that immoderate apps are oddly placed successful KDE Discover. For example, if you hunt for GIMP (the representation editor), you'll find nothing. But if you spell to Applications | Graphics | Painting And Editing, you'll find GNU Image Manipulation Program. Guess what? That's GIMP. Why it's listed arsenic specified is beyond me.

In the aforesaid vein, you won't find an email lawsuit installed oregon adjacent the KDE bureau suite, Calligra. And if you hunt for Calligra successful the KDE menu, you'll spot an introduction similar Get Calligra Words. Click connected that introduction and Discover opens with an error.

This does not bode well, which is simply a shame, due to the fact that Fedora Kinoite is an perfectly fantastic instauration from which to physique an perfect business-class desktop operating system. If the developers could lick this large problem, they'd person thing earnestly peculiar connected their hands. Until then, however, Fedora Kinoite is simply a no-go unless you request a minimal fig of applications.

Hopefully, precise soon, the developers volition resoluteness this glaring issue. Until then, I would suggest you test-drive Kinoite to spot what an immutable desktop tin bash for you.

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