Endangered Seal Found on Hawaii Beach Was Shot to Death

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U.S.|Endangered Seal Found connected Hawaii Beach Was Shot to Death


The shooting is the 3rd deliberate seal sidesplitting of 2021 connected the land of Molokai, investigators said. “Why would idiosyncratic bash that?” 1 nonmigratory asked.

An endangered Hawaiian monk seal that was recovered  dormant   connected  the land  of Molokai.
Credit...Hawaii Marine Animal Response, via Associated Press

Mike Ives

Dec. 22, 2021, 4:23 a.m. ET

An endangered Hawaiian monk seal that was recovered dormant connected a formation successful September had been deliberately changeable successful the head, officials said connected Tuesday, successful the 3rd intentional seal sidesplitting of 2021 connected the aforesaid island.

The seal shooting connected Molokai, a sparsely populated land northwest of Maui, is the seventh intentional 1 determination successful the past decade, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said. Such killings are important blows to a landmark taxon with lone 1,400 oregon truthful surviving members.

The latest victim, a young pistillate known to researchers arsenic L11, was recovered dormant connected Molokai’s South Shore successful September. The dormant seal was reported to the authorities by Dr. Boki Chung, a section dentist.

Dr. Chung recovered the seal connected a formation wherever she walks her dogs. She aboriginal told a writer that she had been amazed to spot a bruise astir 1 of its eyes, suggesting that idiosyncratic had attacked it.

“Why would idiosyncratic bash that?” she said, according to a study by the quality tract Honolulu Civil Beat.

L11 died from an “intentional gunshot coiled to the head,” the state’s Department of Land and Natural Resources announced connected Tuesday. “It is past clip for anyone who has accusation connected the sidesplitting of this seal and the others to measurement forward,” the department’s chairwoman, Suzanne Case, said successful a quality release.

Two different Hawaiian monk seals that washed up connected Molokai successful April died of “blunt unit trauma,” according to NOAA. A full of 10 person died this year, including 2 by reproductive complications, the bureau said connected Tuesday.


Credit...Andre Seale/Universal Images Group, via Getty Images

In different cases, the origin of decease was inconclusive due to the fact that the carcasses were heavy decomposed oregon had washed retired to sea.

The taxon — named for a heavy fold of tegument connected its cervix that resembles a monk’s robe — is the lone marine mammal recovered solely successful United States waters, according to the National Wildlife Federation. Adults typically measurement much than 6.6 feet and measurement 400 pounds to 600 pounds.

Hawaiian monk seals are the astir endangered seal oregon oversea lion species successful the United States, according to the Marine Mammal Center, a nonprofit successful Sausalito, Calif.

The taxon is besides the lone seal that has evolved to unrecorded successful the tropics, John Henderson, a retired NOAA researcher, said successful a 2019 conversation with a workfellow that was published connected the agency’s website.

“Staying chill tin often beryllium arsenic overmuch of a situation arsenic staying warm,” helium said.

The estimated colonisation of Hawaiian monk seals is astir 1,400 and grew by astir 2 percent from 2013 to 2019, according to NOAA. Most of them unrecorded successful a distant radical of Hawaiian islands, atolls and shoals that span 1,200 nautical miles. Only astir 300 unrecorded connected Hawaii’s 8 main islands, including Molokai.

The starring causes of decease successful the colonisation see toxoplasmosis, a illness caused by a parasite that is shed into marine environments done feline feces, and entrapment successful sportfishing nets, according to NOAA.

Intentional sidesplitting is simply a apical menace to the population’s betterment successful the main Hawaiian Islands, Angela Amlin, the Hawaiian monk seal betterment coordinator astatine the agency’s Pacific islands fisheries office, said successful a little connection connected Tuesday.

NOAA said successful September that six seal fatalities connected Molokai from 2021 that were nether probe astatine the clip represented an unprecedented fig of deaths implicit a nine-month period.

“A batch of seals recovered dead,” an unnamed researcher from Hawaii’s conservation constabulary said successful a video of a Molokai tract investigation that authorities officials uploaded successful May. “I deliberation the seals merit better.”

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