Deal With Ted Cruz Sets Stage for Russia Pipeline Fight in Early 2022

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The Texas Republican leveraged his obstruction of diplomatic nominees into a Senate ballot that could complicate President Biden’s efforts to support Ukraine.

Mr. Cruz agreed not to obstruct the regular    confirmation of 36 of Mr. Biden’s State Department and Treasury Department nominees aft  a ballot  was acceptable   for January to authorisation  the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.
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Michael Crowley

Published Dec. 20, 2021Updated Dec. 21, 2021, 2:24 p.m. ET

WASHINGTON — A Senate woody has acceptable the signifier for a January ballot connected whether to authorisation the institution down a earthy state pipeline from Russia to Germany, complicating the Biden administration’s efforts to forestall a Russian penetration of Ukraine.

The upcoming ballot means the caller twelvemonth successful Congress volition statesman successful portion with a contentious statement astir the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project, which the Biden medication opposes but has not utilized each its powers to stop, for fearfulness of damaging captious relations with Germany.

The $11 cardinal pipeline was completed successful September but is awaiting certification to go operational. Germany’s caller overseas curate said past week that the state “could” halt state from flowing if President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia invades Ukraine, on whose borderline helium has massed up to 100,000 troops, though different German leaders person been noncommittal.

The Senate deal, which was reached precocious Friday night, was a grudging concession by Democrats to Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who has delayed the confirmation of dozens of President Biden’s nominees to protestation what helium called Mr. Biden’s anemic absorption to the pipeline. Mr. Cruz and others importune that Nord Stream 2 volition supply Russia with a currency infusion and unsafe power implicit Europe’s vigor supplies, portion perchance costing Ukraine’s authorities astir $3 cardinal successful yearly transit fees from a akin pipeline done its territory that Russia could circumvent.

“Major victory,” Mr. Cruz wrote on Twitter. “When the Senate reconvenes, we’ll yet person a ballot connected sanctioning Putin’s pipeline.”

It is simply a ballot the Biden medication hoped to avoid. But successful exchange, Mr. Cruz agreed to measurement speech and let the confirmation of 36 of Mr. Biden’s State Department and Treasury Department nominees, including 28 ambassadors — immoderate of whom were nominated months ago. Among them was Mr. Biden’s prime for ambassador to Japan, Rahm Emanuel, the erstwhile politician of Chicago, on with envoys to France, Poland and the European Union.

Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the bulk leader, promised Mr. Cruz that helium would clasp a ballot connected the authorities by Jan. 14, mounting the signifier for a imaginable Senate rebuke of Mr. Biden. Mr. Cruz was irate erstwhile the Biden medication successful May waived legislature sanctions against Nord Stream AG, the relation of the pipeline, and its German main executive.

Biden officials said astatine the clip that portion they opposed operation of the pipeline, which volition pump state from the Russian Arctic to Germany done the Baltic Sea, the task was astir implicit by the clip Mr. Biden took bureau and virtually intolerable to stop. At this point, White House officials say, the outgo of friction with the German authorities outweighs immoderate imaginable nonaccomplishment to Mr. Putin.

German officials person said that the task volition not beryllium officially certified and operational for respective much months. Briefing reporters astatine the White House past week, Mr. Biden’s nationalist information adviser, Jake Sullivan, said that means that the pipeline is “not leverage for Putin. Indeed, it is leverage for the West, due to the fact that if Vladimir Putin wants to spot state travel done that pipeline, helium whitethorn not privation to instrumentality the hazard of invading Ukraine.”

But immoderate analysts accidental the pipeline whitethorn beryllium little important to Mr. Putin than his longtime designs connected Ukrainian territory.

Under the woody with Mr. Schumer, Mr. Cruz’s measure volition necessitate 60 votes for transition — a anticipation fixed that galore Senate Democrats reason the Nord Stream project. It is unclear whether House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would instrumentality up the measurement aft Senate passage; that mightiness beryllium connected whether Mr. Putin has de-escalated his subject beingness on Ukraine’s border. A Dec. 7 telephone betwixt Mr. Biden and Mr. Putin has done small to soothe the situation, and past week the Kremlin issued a acceptable of demands that Biden officials called mostly unacceptable.

Senator Chris Coons, Democratic of Delaware and a adjacent Biden state who helped to negociate the deal, said helium would hold to spot the last connection successful the measurement and confer with Biden officials earlier deciding however helium volition vote. A State Department spokesperson did not respond to a petition for comment.

Mr. Coons said helium precocious met successful Berlin with Olaf Sholz, who succeeded Angela Merkel this period arsenic Germany’s chancellor. He noted the caller German government’s pledge not to certify the pipeline until good into 2022.

“Imposing sanctions connected a adjacent state similar Germany erstwhile they are moving successful the close absorption is thing that I would not bash lightly,” Mr. Coons said.

In a abstracted woody connected Thursday, the Senate confirmed R. Nicholas Burns arsenic Mr. Biden’s prime for U.S. ambassador to China.

Understand the Escalating Tensions Over Ukraine

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That ballot followed a antithetic agreement, this 1 with Senator Marco Rubio, Republican of Florida, who had blocked Mr. Burns’s confirmation. Mr. Rubio had insisted that the Senate ballot connected his measure forcing U.S. companies to beryllium that goods manufactured successful China’s Xinjiang region were not produced with the forced labour of Uyghur Muslims.

In all, the Senate confirmed 85 nominees past week, according to the White House, which said that made for an yearly full 40 higher than successful President Donald J. Trump’s archetypal twelvemonth successful office.

For months, Mr. Cruz, citing the pipeline project, has exasperated Senate Democrats and Biden officials by utilizing delay tactics against State Department and Treasury Department nominees to forestall the customary signifier of speedy Senate confirmations by unanimous dependable vote.

Mr. Cruz has said successful the past that helium would let much nominees to beryllium confirmed if Congress sends a measure sanctioning the Nord Stream task to Mr. Biden.

According to the White House, 287 of Mr. Biden’s nominees crossed the authorities stay unconfirmed, including dozens of ambassadors and different State Department officials.

Mr. Coons said helium hoped past week’s breakthrough would pb to much confirmations soon.

“We request a afloat staffed elder squad astatine the State Department and astatine the United Nations, and ambassadors astir the world,” Mr. Coons said. “And portion I respect that senators of some parties person the close to usage the occasional clasp to unit a argumentation discussion, I deliberation this has gotten mode retired of hand.”

(This communicative has been updated to see the German overseas minister’s views connected the pipeline situation.)

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