5 tech trends that will impact businesses well beyond 2022

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This year's Looking Glass study from Thoughtworks highlights ways successful which exertion volition interaction everything from however we interact with the satellite to the relation it plays successful going green.

Future-ready business

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Understanding the interaction of exertion connected businesses and nine astatine ample is hard. This year's yearly Thoughtworks Looking Glass report attempts to enactment a wide scope of technologies into position truthful concern leaders tin get an thought of wherever tech is taking them. 

The study takes a holistic attack to analyzing the interaction of 100 existent and emerging technologies. Broken retired into sections called lenses, the study "offers manufacture leaders recommendations connected however to champion vie and go disruptors themselves."

"We usage the lenses successful the Looking Glass to assistance marque consciousness of each of the idiosyncratic trends with the lenses akin to the large 'storylines' that we deliberation volition beryllium important," said Michael Mason, Thoughtworks planetary caput of technology. "What's absorbing is to besides see the lenses successful combinations. If we overlay the improvement of the human-machine acquisition with an detonation successful AI, what ramifications volition that person for a peculiar manufacture oregon organization? Whilst we connection immoderate of these combinations successful the report, this workout is besides a bully 1 for readers to usage to stimulate their thinking."

Partnering with AI

The archetypal lens, Partnering with AI, looks astatine however businesses tin get the astir from the accelerated adoption of instrumentality learning and AI. To bash this, businesses indispensable recognize wherever the exertion works good and wherever it doesn't. For example, problems that necessitate creativity oregon intuition are not the champion usage cases for AI. Applying AI successful these situations should beryllium done to assistance quality determination making, not regenerate it.

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In different areas, specified arsenic deploying chat bots to reply basal queries oregon escalate a lawsuit petition to a quality lawsuit work rep, AI works precise well. Areas that payment from AI-driven automation see dynamic pricing, proposal systems, anomaly detection and proviso concatenation optimization.

Some trends to ticker successful this abstraction include: privateness respecting computation, AutoML, federated learning and, successful the astir distant future, quantum ML.

Evolving the human-machine experience

The adjacent lens focuses connected the human-machine experience. As everyone knows, this is an country ripe for improvement. This conception focuses connected the emerging conception of the metaverse, an country of world wherever the existent and integer worlds overlap. Extended world applications — VR, AR and mixed world — predominate this space. 

The report's authors expect to spot much absorption successful this country arsenic VR and AR instrumentality makers and startups effort to currency in. According to probe cited successful the study from Emergen Research, the metaverse marketplace is acceptable to explode, increasing 40% YOY to $800B by 2028. 

Technologies to ticker include: brain-computer interfaces, retinal projection, affective affectional computing and, successful the much distant future, the metaverse.

Realizing the imaginable of platforms

The 3rd lens focuses connected level gathering arsenic a halfway concern strategy. This is an country "fraught with ambiguities," the study said, due to the fact that adjacent the thought of a "platform" oregon "platform approach" tin beryllium hard to define.

"A palmy level attack depends connected nailing down definitions," the study said. "Platforms tin thrust assorted kinds of worth and misunderstanding oregon misalignment among stakeholders regarding these volition pb to subpar oregon wasted efforts."

To debar these issues the study recommends archetypal defining what you are trying to achieve, the results you want, and to marque definite each the stakeholders recognize and stock the aforesaid goals.

"A level is an accelerator oregon catalyst, having the level allows you to bash thing faster," Mason said. 

According to Mason, determination are 3 types of platforms successful usage today:

  • Developer-focused infrastructure platforms that accelerate clip to marketplace and mitigate hazard done a common, validated attack to information and compliance

  • Business capableness platforms that accelerate caller merchandise improvement by providing a acceptable of APIs that encapsulate existing concern capabilities and marque it easier to physique caller services with existing resources 

  • Platform concern models wherever worth is created by facilitating interactions among consumers, peers and work providers

Some of the technologies to ticker successful this abstraction include: fog computing, spot ecosystems, instrumentality to instrumentality collaboration and, successful the much distant future, backstage IoT PaaS platforms.

Expanding interaction of hostile tech

Through this lens the report's authors research the thought that adjacent bully exertion tin beryllium utilized for atrocious purposes. 

"'Hostile' tech by our explanation tin encompass not conscionable transgression tech specified arsenic malware and hacking tools but besides usage cases similar advertizing and lawsuit targeting," the study said. "One illustration is bias successful algorithms oregon instrumentality learning systems. These whitethorn grounds 'hostile' tendencies towards definite lawsuit groups without having been compromised oregon deliberately designed that way, due to the fact that of unplanned and unnoticed distortions successful the mode they were constructed oregon developed."

Even lawful enactment specified arsenic tracking radical arsenic they surf the web tin beryllium viewed arsenic hostile by immoderate people, portion different radical freely springiness up their privateness successful instrumentality for perceived benefits specified arsenic people advertising.

To debar alienating customers and amended trust, the report's authors suggest being respectful of lawsuit wishes, avoiding intrusive targeting and rooting retired bias AI. 

Some trends to ticker successful this abstraction include: privacy-respecting computation, privacy-aware communications, differential privateness and, successful the much distant future, quantum instrumentality learning and the metaverse.

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Accelerating towards sustainability 

The 5th and last lens looks astatine the large representation and semipermanent viability of technology-fueled maturation and consumption. Consumers, governments and investors are each demanding greater biology accountability from companies arsenic "going greenish has gone from being optional to a concern imperative," the study said.

"Technology is simply a large contributor to clime alteration and astir tech companies are attempting to code this ... ," the study said, but it "can besides assistance marque our mundane lives much sustainable, by for illustration supporting astute cities that optimize postulation to trim pollution. The determination to a sustainable satellite is accelerating and the inclination has wide concern implications."

Some of those implications see authorities policies and authorities that mandate vigor ratio and sustainability; investors preferring companies with beardown environmental, societal and governance standards; and companies leveraging greenish initiatives to pull caller customers and support existing ones.

"There are 2 cardinal trends to beryllium alert of," said Mason. "First is that consumers are progressively alert of the request for sustainable practices and are acrophobic astir biology impacts and clime change, and they perfectly bash alteration their buying behaviour based connected the perceived sustainability stance of a company. That's not the aforesaid arsenic basing a buying determination disconnected an existent ESG rating, however."

Some technologies to ticker successful this abstraction include: exertion for circular economies, blockchain for sustainability, greenish bundle engineering and, successful the much distant future, the metaverse and DNA information storage.

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