5 ad server tools to help small businesses gain control of digital advertising spending

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Competition to get your ads successful beforehand of your people assemblage is increasing progressively fierce. Here are 5 advertisement server tools that tin heighten your visibility and alteration unnecessary spending.

Worldwide integer ad spending is expected to rise successful 2022 by 19.9%, up from 15.0% arsenic initially anticipated. This amounts to astir $33 cardinal much successful caller worldwide spending than forecasted. At the extremity of this year, successful total, it's estimated to scope $491.70 billion, determination past $570 cardinal adjacent twelvemonth and apical $785.08 cardinal by 2025. 

It's nary astonishment that companies are looking for ways to rein successful integer advertisement spending. Feedback from 20 thought leaders successful a survey by The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC), "Outlook 2022: The US Digital Advertising Ecosystem," showed 3 cardinal areas that were apical of caput for leaders who are strategizing advertisement spending for 2022 and beyond:

  • Waning user tolerance and expectations astir integer advertising
  • The request for national authorities attraction erstwhile preparing for regulatory changes successful privateness policies and different areas
  • Balancing steep competition, firm DEI policies and endowment attraction and retention.

In summation to these 3 areas, and with advertisement spending continuing to climb, it's bully quality that tools are disposable to assistance your institution rein successful its advertisement spending.

5 tools to summation power of integer advertisement spending

Many big brands enactment advertisement spending to the trial past year by turning disconnected the power and discovered nary alteration to their income oregon concern outcomes. While this could effect from being large contenders oregon starring brands successful the marketplace, tiny to midsize companies whitethorn not fare truthful good by pursuing suit. The bully quality is that the 5 integer advertisement server tools we'll look astatine present whitethorn assistance you spot what's moving and what's not, truthful you tin optimize budgets and resources.



Image: BrandMaster

BrandMaster is simply a cloud-based market-leading marque absorption level that puts companies summation much power of their advertisement spending. It was created by and for selling professionals and helps guarantee your show advertizing is targeted and applicable to your audience. It is disposable connected desktops and mobile devices.

Key features of BrandMaster:

  • Display ads builder instrumentality helps make responsive banner ads
  • A/B testing
  • Simplifies show advertisement management
  • Automated self-service workflows
  • Predefined oregon customizable templates
  • Performance analytics and ROI tracking

Pricing: Contact BrandMaster for pricing and to publication a demo.




Image: diDNA

diDNA is an artificial quality (AI) driven header bidder wrapping and advertisement absorption ecosystem. It helps brands and agencies, strategical partners and publishers maximize advertisement gross portion reducing wasted advertisement spending.

Key features of diDNA:

  • Full advertisement stack with a azygous enactment of JS oregon VAST tag
  • A proprietary rules-based motor that's ever learning
  • Ad inventory management
  • A/B testing
  • Conversion tracking
  • Audience targeting

Pricing: Contact diDNA and petition a telephone to find retired much astir pricing.


Genius Monkey


Image: Genius Monkey

Genius Monkey is simply a programmatic selling and advertisement server level that helps companies get ads astir their merchandise oregon work successful beforehand of much of the close assemblage to summation engagement successful the astir cost-effective way.

Key features of Genius Monkey:

  • A/B testing
  • Channel attribution
  • Behavioral targeting and analytics
  • Ad optimization
  • Performance analytics and ROI tracking

Pricing: Genius Monkey offers 3 plans: Genius Monkey Ad Server, Competitor A: DSP oregon Ad Server, and Competitor B: DSP oregon Trade Desk. Contact Genius Monkey for pricing.

Genius Monkey

NT Programmatic Platform


Image: NT Programmatic Platform

NT Programmatic Platform is simply a exertion that focuses connected productive connection successful online advertisement. It plans ads and media passim assorted advertisement placement stages, collects and analyzes information and optimizes ads.

Key features of NT Programmatic Platform:

  • A/B investigating
  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Targets circumstantial audiences
  • Manages advertisement campaigns
  • Tracks advertisement show and ROI

Pricing: Contact NT Programmatic Platform for pricing.

NT Programmatic Platform



Image: Setupad

Setupad helps advertisers people their assemblage much precisely, summation advertisement visibility, and trim advertisement run spending.

Key features of Setupad:

  • Ad optimization
  • Ad banner management
  • A/B testing
  • Ad inventory management

Pricing: Contact Setupad for pricing.


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