3 quick Mac maintenance tips for business professionals

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Year-end Mac attraction is ever a bully thought for your enactment laptop oregon desktop, but the 2021 vacation play is afloat of distractions. These 3 speedy steps volition assistance support your Mac moving dependable successful 2022.


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There's a batch of proposal this clip of twelvemonth regarding regular steps you should instrumentality to guarantee your enactment Mac is fixed a speedy erstwhile implicit and that you're acceptable for 2022. Most of the guidance is spot on. But sometimes the database simply runs excessively long: region unneeded files, purge unused applications, tally record support and disk repair operations and similar. As this twelvemonth marks the 2nd pandemic vacation play successful a row, with the Omicron variant spreading astatine a antecedently unprecedented rate, maintaining absorption during the accepted vacation interruption is tough. So here's a speedy database of 3 elemental steps you tin instrumentality to assistance hole your Mac for 2022.

  1. Confirm Time Machine backups are completing properly

You are utilizing Time Machine, right? Despite wide usage of Apple iCloud and Microsoft OneDrive, don't presume your information is good and sufficiently protected conscionable due to the fact that your files are stored successful the cloud. You tin accidentally — adjacent unknowingly — delete files you request and not observe the mistake until it's excessively late. You mightiness constitute implicit files you need, malware could corrupt your online files oregon you could endure a antithetic mishap oregon disaster. Maintaining 1 — oregon adjacent 2 — outer hard drives, 1 of which is stored safely connected to nothing, thereby preventing accidental deletion, information corruption, malware corruption oregon immoderate different error, is simply a champion signifier I recommend.

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So leverage the earthy intermission that occurs with concern activities astir the holidays to cheque retired your Mac's Time Machine setup. Review your Mac's Time Machine operations and corroborate backups are completing decently to the Time Machine drives you usage successful rotation and resoluteness immoderate errors you discover. The juncture is besides a cleanable accidental to reappraisal the Time Machine backup settings and guarantee you haven't omitted immoderate files, folders oregon directories from the backup. Sometimes backups statesman with circumstantial record shares, but implicit clip we alteration the determination wherever we store information and those antecedently excluded directories request to beryllium added backmost into the backup routine.

To reappraisal Time Machine settings and status, click Finder, prime Applications and double-click System Preferences, past prime Time Machine. Review and wide immoderate errors, specified arsenic that shown successful Figure A, successful which Time Machine is alerting the idiosyncratic (via the reddish I icon) that Time Machine couldn't implicit a backup to the "LaCie" thrust due to the fact that the disk could not beryllium found. 


Time Machine volition show a reddish I icon if a backup hasn't completed recently.

Figure A

In this circumstantial case, I'd been traveling and hadn't had an accidental to physically link the disk to licence a backup to complete, a occupation resolved by connecting the indicated thrust and permitting the backup clip to run. You tin corroborate the presumption of directories being backed up, oregon excluded, by clicking the Options fastener and reviewing immoderate items listed arsenic excluded from the backup wrong the resulting window. From determination you tin marque immoderate required adjustments utilizing the provided + and - icons. 

2. Ensure iCloud remains decently associated with apps and content

Similar problems, successful which a regular is acceptable up and changes but we don't retrieve to spell backmost and set bundle configurations to relationship for the changes, hap with iCloud. Review iCloud settings and corroborate the due applications and record locations are configured arsenic required by clicking Finder, selecting System Preferences and clicking Apple ID. Ensure iCloud is highlighted wrong the left-side navigation barroom and reappraisal each of the applications and services, arsenic shown successful Figure B, to close boxes that are checked, enabling information to beryllium stored successful the unreality arsenic you intend.


iCloud retention and status, among different items, are displayed wrong the Apple ID window.

Figure B

Pay peculiar attraction to iCloud Drive. Click the respective Options button, past reappraisal the assorted settings, arsenic shown successful Figure C. If you privation to backmost up files stored connected your Mac's Desktop and wrong the Documents folder to iCloud, guarantee that checkbox is selected. Perform the aforesaid reappraisal for Messages, Numbers, Pages, Keynote and different iCloud-compatible apps and services listed wrong the iCloud Drive window.


iCloud permits associating a assortment of apps and locations with iCloud, whereby those elements are stored successful the cloud.

Figure C

While you're reviewing your Mac's iCloud configuration, cheque the escaped abstraction remaining connected the account. iCloud Storage presumption is displayed astatine the bottommost of the Apple ID window. To acquisition further space, if needed, click the Manage button, past click the Change Storage Plan fastener to entree assorted plans and pricing.

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3. Run a speedy cleanup

While a thoughtful, broad tune-up is ever recommended, truthful excessively is it a bully thought to regularly rotate your tires, alteration furnace filters, regenerate flashlight batteries and aerate the lawn, but who has clip to fulfill each those obligations? Instead, see cheating by employing a Mac-specific inferior designed conscionable for specified purposes.

CCLeaner's $24.95 CCleaner Professional for Mac, MacPaw's $34.95 CleanMyMac and WinZip System Tools' $39.95 Mac Optimizer each connection system-cleaning utilities that assistance support concern Macs with small to nary disruption. Scheduling features assistance pre-programming corresponding cleaning routines, which assistance trim unneeded files, cleanable net caches, purge unnecessary exertion remnants and tidy logs.

Running specified cleanups 2 oregon 3 times a twelvemonth is simply a bully habit. But there's nary clip similar year-end to assistance yourself by installing and configuring specified a time-saving inferior to assistance your Mac tally that overmuch amended successful 2022, truthful person astatine it earlier you get excessively engaged successful the caller year.

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