3 must-have calculator tools for the tech professional

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Whether you request to cipher the outgo of downtime oregon a caller IT project, these TechRepublic Premium calculators tin assistance you hole for immoderate comes next.

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"Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalize connected what comes." Zig Ziglar, the precocious salesman, writer and motivational talker extraordinaire, had a point. In some concern and technology, you indispensable ever beryllium prepared for immoderate comes — and bash what you indispensable to instrumentality vantage of it.

This is particularly existent erstwhile it comes to your IT budget. Things tin alteration astatine immoderate moment. Back successful aboriginal 2019, nary of america was prepared for the months ahead. None of america was alert that a planetary pandemic would wreak havoc connected our satellite and endanger our businesses. And galore IT departments were unaware that an contiguous request for much resources was connected the horizon.

While galore organizations rapidly decreased their budgets, IT budgets remained the same. In fact, the experts astatine Deloitte Insights observed level and expanding exertion budgets successful astir organizations successful the aftermath of COVID-19.

While this information whitethorn travel arsenic a astonishment for some, for astute IT professionals, the COVID-19 pandemic underscored the request for improved tech infrastructure. Businesses needed distant enactment capabilities that protected collaboration and productivity. They needed to present online experiences to their customers that mirrored the in-store buying experience.

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Innovation was nary longer a prime but a necessity.

Now, IT budgets support expanding to capitalize connected the hard lessons learned with the accomplishment of the pandemic. For example, government IT spending is acceptable to summation by 6.5% successful 2022. And worldwide IT spending crossed the committee volition summation by 5.5% successful 2022, according to Gartner.

Whether your IT section is expanding its fund to marque country for further innovation oregon waiting to spot what happens next, 1 happening is for sure: You indispensable beryllium prepared for thing and everything. This means keeping a adjacent oculus connected imaginable expenses and costs and processing a program that accounts for some the champion and the worst scenarios.

Below, you'll find 3 TechRepublic Premium calculators that tin assistance you cipher everything from strategy downtime expenses to machine hardware depreciation.

Systems Downtime Expense Calculator

It's nary concealed that businesses beryllium connected machine systems. All captious concern tasks necessitate machine connectivity, whether that's speaking to customers oregon fulfilling merchandise orders. When machine systems don't work, concern stops, which tin earnestly harm your bottommost line.

For respective years, Gartner has said that businesses basal to suffer an mean of $5,600 for each infinitesimal of downtime. However, this fig could beryllium overmuch much oregon overmuch less, depending connected your business.

The champion mode to recognize the outgo of downtime for your enactment is to usage this TechRepublic Premium calculator. It's designed to assistance you measure the outgo of downtime based connected the reliance of your concern connected definite cardinal systems.

This calculator besides includes an Assumptions tab, which allows you to spot which occupation categories volition endure the astir from cardinal strategy outages. Using this calculator, you tin cipher the magnitude of resources you'll request to bounce backmost if the worst should occur.

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IT Project Cost/Benefit Calculator

Digital translation is costly. And though budgets are increasing, organizations indispensable inactive beryllium selective successful the IT projects they tackle. One of the cardinal factors progressive successful determining which projects determination guardant is cost/benefit analysis. And unfortunately, this is 1 of the astir challenging nonrecreational tasks.

Effective investigation requires expertise successful readying and executing IT projects, processing close budgets and knowing however costs and benefits alteration during the lifecycle of a project. Our calculator tin help.

This calculator allows you to database and cipher the existent expenses associated with your tech projects. It includes sections for collecting year-one costs arsenic good arsenic second- and third-year expenses. Plus, tabs are provided for listing and estimating a project's outgo savings and gross opportunities.

Once each tabs are filled, the calculator volition automatically cipher the project's wide outgo and payment total, truthful you tin marque an informed decision.

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Computer Hardware Depreciation Calculator

Every section indispensable relationship for depreciation erstwhile it comes to finances. This is particularly existent for IT departments that negociate laptops, servers, mobile devices and more.

Why? You indispensable relationship for depreciation to find existent nett and usage depreciation values connected your taxation returns. Plus, depreciation helps springiness you a wide knowing of erstwhile it's the close clip to acquisition caller equipment.

How bash you cipher the depreciation of your assets? That depends connected timing and different factors. This calculator tin assistance you cipher modular depreciation utilizing assorted methods, including:

  • 200% Declining Balance (DDB)
  • 150% Declining Balance
  • Straight Line
  • MACRS General (Federal Tax)
  • Alternative Method (Federal Tax)
  • Section 179 Deduction (Federal Tax)

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