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Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price to be tested for coronavirus after possible exposure

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price will be tested for coronavirus after being in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

In a brief Facebook Live stream from her home, Price said she Fort Worth News was notified Monday that she may have been exposed to the virus and will be tested Tuesday morning. She does not have symptoms.

“I think the message is: stay home,” she said.

The city said in a statement that an employee at the joint emergency operations center tested positive Monday for COVID-19. Price was in contact with that person, but said in her Facebook Live that they were wearing masks and the area was frequently cleaned. People were screened for high temperatures as well.

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Everyone who was in contact with the infected person will be tested, according to the city’s statement. A city spokeswoman declined to say how many city employees may have been exposed or were in quarantine. Price was in contact with the person sometime last week at the emergency operations center.

Her daily live stream briefings, which last week included Press Release Distribution Service In Fort Worth multiple city council members, are filmed in the same building as the emergency operations center, but in a separate area. The spokeswoman said the city was not aware of any council members who needed to be tested Monday evening.

Price said she and her husband have been logging their temperatures twice a day. She has been doing most of her work from home since the outbreak began.

“We haven’t been very many places. Our footprint is very small,” she said.

City Manager David Cooke informed all city employees Monday afternoon about the COVID-19 case in an email.

As of Monday, there were 1,249 positive cases in Tarrant County with 503 in Fort Worth. Thirty-nine Tarrant County residents have died due to COVID-19.

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